Amish Craftsmanship

“Built with heart and soul”

What is Amish craftsmanship?  In simple terms it means, “Built better, to last longer.”

Consider what Amish portable buildings really are.  When you say the term: Amish craftsmanship, it means the highest possible quality construction.
  • Built as a labor of love
  • Highest quality construction
  • Unique in every way

Built as a labor of love, indeed!  When you purchase something that claims the famed term Amish craftsmanship, you know there was heart put in every drive of the nail. With every skew of the saw the outcome would be beyond-quality.   At Classic Buildings all our constructed buildings are built with high-quality materials and intense high-quality labor.  We do use the famed term and for good reason.  We say it all day long, our buildings are built better. We are number one in the industry, also for good reason.  Our commitment to customer service is equally as aggressive.  After all, we appreciate each and every one of you.  If we don’t do everything in our power to make your experience the best, then we haven’t lived up to the term: Amish Craftsmanship.


Amish Accolades 

Describe Amish – Here Are My Personal Amish Accolades

The Amish people are well-known as a plain and simple people. Most of us agree.  Living simple is a truly great way to live and raise families. Its often said, by those who aren’t Amish, “What happened to the simple life?  I’m not Amish but I agree with a plain and simple truth. We need to simplify our lives to be happy.  I adore the Amish way of living. It feels so comfortable, so wholesome.

The Amish, as a whole, live very modestly and  humbly without many amenities.  What?  No amenities?  I know folks outside the Amish-way that wouldn’t hear to such talk.  Its practically unheard of in the tech-generation that we live in now. No amenities, you have to be kidding. I’m not knocking tech, because I’m a bit techy myself, but I’m a simple tech and that’s the God’s truth!

Although there are a lot of ex-Amish, there is a certain portion of Amish that do live without electricity, televisions, phones, computers as well as many other items that people of  the world often find necessities.   I personally think that’s cool! But what is Amish craftsmanship, and how does it fit in with my Amish accolades?

Amish Are In The News

Recent attention given…

Amish is getting a lot of attention these days. Have you heard about the Amish show that appeared on the DIY channel called “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.”?

The famous rapper Vanilla Ice attained permission to stay with the Amish in Ohio for a period of time.  He assisted some of the Amish crews in remodeling a kitchen, building an outside patio, as well as other various building projects.   It only goes to show that the Amish are getting a lot of great attention.

Many people are not aware that Vanilla Ice owns a construction and remodeling company in Florida.  He is very active in the building and remodeling of several homes. He takes pride in giving quality work as well as attention to detail. On the CBS show “The Talk”, Vanilla Ice said that the reason that he wanted to do this was because the Amish have one of the highest standards of craftsmanship.  He wanted to learn from them.

The History of  Amish Craftsmanship

Were you aware that there is a wardrobe that was built back in 1768 that stands in the Winterthur Museum near Wilmington, Delaware?  That wardrobe is of Amish craftsmanship  At the time of this writing, that wardrobe is two hundred forty-six years old.  That is a long time for a piece of furniture to be around.

The fact that this one piece of furniture still exists to this very day says quite a bit about the craftsmanship of the Amish.  They are built to last.  That means that they are built with quality. The Amish has also been noted for their attention to detail.  Their quilts are meticulously made. They take care to try and make each and every stitch that is done by hand to be as close to uniform as possible.  When they make furniture, careful attention is given to design and color.

Quality, detail and color are the things that bring attention to the Amish crafts.  But what is about these things that make them more special than others?

Amish Craftsmanship In Review

The Amish use materials that are meant to last time.  During the “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish” show they did a patio with a Pergala attached to it.  Attention was given to the type of wood that they used for the Pergala so that it would last a long time and be able to weather the elements of mother nature.  They chose cedar wood because it does stand up to the elements well over an extended period.

They also laid a concrete patio which was given lots of detail.  An imprint was laid on the patio that stamped out a wood design including the wood grain markings and nail-heads.  Now that is detail.

In another show, they remodeled a basement.  In this basement, they included an entertainment center.  The entertainment center was hand made and crafted of solid walnut.  Walnut is a hardwood that is often used for furniture because it is hard to damage.

The Amish’s choice of materials to use are often the first step to quality.  They are known for having the best because they use the best.  In the non-Amish community all too often not the best of materials are used.  Particle board, ox board and plywood which are the most common, cheapest material used by the outside world to build furniture and houses cannot compare to a solid wood used by the Amish.  Nor does it stand up to use as well.

There is also another factor in the Amish’s work that makes it the best of the best.  They take pride in their work.  They take time to see that they make the best product that they can.  They give careful thought to the design as well as the materials that they use.  When they build or make something, they give the best of their time and thought process because that piece ultimately becomes a piece of themselves.

So if you are looking for quality in craftsmanship, it would seem that you would certainly look toward the Amish.  They give so much of themselves when they craft anything that not only do you get a quality item, but you get love and passion for what they do. That is something that anyone be pleased to be passed on.

About the author:  The above article was submitted by guest blogger, Sheryl Hackworth – from a fine Missouri city deep in the heart of the central region living a good life.  We appreciate her “Amish Accolades”


“When it comes to quilting and furniture, many accolades and nods are given to the term, Amish  craftsmanship.  Why is it that so many people feel that the Amish have the best?  Is it because of  the way that they decorate their pieces or is it the quality?  





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