The Country Cottage Cabin

The Country Cottage comes with a porch and is the perfect choice for a weekend or guest cabin. There’s a great storage area over the porch and has a cathedral ceiling. Place it in woods and it becomes a perfect hunter’s cabin or set it by the pool to use as a pool house.

This Building Comes Standard With:

  • 6' 10" Sidewalls
  • Entry Door
  • 2 Windows
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • 4' Porch with railing
  • 4" Overhang (on all sides)
  • Your Choice of Colors

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Our Portable Building Specialists will to come to your home to help you find the best suited location to put your building and to ensure there is adequate access to maneuver the building into your yard.

They will then stake out where you want to put your building and check how level your site is. They will also make recommendations on site preparation if needed. All At No Charge To You!

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