Three Car Garage

It’s not just a building, it is a project. Let a Classic Buildings Expert guide you through the process to ensure form and function with a final product matches your vision.



We can do it all to make your Process easier!

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It’s Our People that make the Difference. From Start to Finish we All have the same goal:
Making You Another Raving Fan!

Why Choose Classic Buildings?

Unique Solutions

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Affordable Custom Designs

We can economically customize your building to suit any function and fulfill your unique needs.

Where will your new building be delivered?

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Free Site Visit

Our Large Project Specialist will to come to your home to help you find the best suited location to put your building and to ensure there is adequate access to maneuver the building into your yard.

We will then stake out where you want to put your building and check how level your site is. We will also make recommendations on site preparation if needed. All At No Charge To You!

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