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Classic Buildings is proud to say they have expanded into the commercial buildings market. Why? Because our buildings are portable, and businesses are on the go.



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Commercial Buildings Information

Are you a commercial establishment in need of more storage space?

  • Convenient stores
  • Grocers
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Government agencies
commercial building manufacturer

“Add more space to your business!”

Businesses of all types use storage sheds as an affordable solution to their storage needs.

Modspace – Modular commercial buildings

– Interesting enough but these type of buildings are not made to last. Pricing is high for what you get.  We’re not ones to knock the competition, we’re merely comparing other popular commercial building types.

Prefabricated church, school or offices

– Its all the same but you pay less and get a better building, one you can customize using 1st class customer service and customization, and have a personalized, unique structure for many years to come.  Whatever happened to good architecture? Some would argue that good architecture and design went out when we prefabricated and duplicated it.  Adding fuel to the fire, portable buildings manufacturers have watered down the process by assembly line process that dilute the quality of the buildings. In some cases, assembly line is needed to cut cost, but cutting corners on customization options is never an option for Classic Buildings.


Attention Hotel Management

Download your pdf click (hotel letter)

Do pool chemicals, ice melt, cleaning equipment, and many other hazardous items take up valuable space in your hotel creating tripping hazards or clutter?

Did you know there is a safe option for storing volatile chemicals, without having to keep them within the same buildings that house your guests? Hotel management has to be concerned about how they are storing chemicals. Fire codes have to be met. As good hotel management we eliminate the need for conforming to fire codes for storing chemicals by using outdoor storage solutions instead of the inside of our hotel! We can also get those extra cleaning supplies and winter equipment out of the way and not have to worry about the extra rules and regulations.

commercial buildings manufacturer

“Any type of business needs all the storage and room it can get!”

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Everyone needs more storage, especially businesses

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