Our Promise to You



We do it right the first time or we do it over.

Classic Buildings is proud to assure you that we guarantee our work and product with a lifetime warranty.

Are you worried that the floor in your new building will rot?

The skids on our buildings are pressure treated to the highest level. All pressure treated lumber has a lifetime warranty against decay.

Make this building the last one you will ever buy.

The LP Smartside comes with a 50 year warranty. It is a plywood product which makes it stronger than chipboard siding. The exterior veneer is made out of engineered wood, which will not split or crack upon drying, which is why we have a warranty against decay and delamination.


We spray 2 coats of very  high quality paint on painted buildings and has a 15 year warranty on it, before it needs to be repainted. Classic Buildings will fully redo the paint job on your building if the paint chips or peels within 15 years.


We use a 30 year architectual shingle and a 40 year metal. If your Classic Building has a leak we will fix it for you, guaranteed.


Our buildings come fully backed with a guarantee on our workmanship and product. If they are not professionally built we assure you that we will repair or redo it according to specifications.

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