Meet Our Delivery Drivers

Classic Buildings delivery guys are trained by Classic Buildings.

Our drivers maintain the highest integrity of the company. They are skilled experts able to maneuver in and around tight spots to get your building in.

They can place your building exactly where you want it to be and will level the building so that when they leave all you need to do is open the doors and store your stuff.

Matt has years of experience with building delivery and set-up.  His service will leave you with a job well done, every time.


Dean has  years experience delivering buildings. He will get your building delivered and set exactly how you want.

When Dean showed up to deliver my building, I showed him where we wanted to set it and he handled the building with utmost care, positioned it on a pad exactly as needed and made me feel as if I’d known him all his life.

Wade is a very experienced driver and capable of delivering buildings in the toughest of situations. He will get your building delivered exactly where you want it every time.


Built-on-Site Crew

From your sales staff to the installers it was my pleasure to do business with you. I would recommend that anyone in the Champaign/Urbana IL that needs a building to get it from your company. You should know that one of the most amazing parts of this entire build was what your installer told me before they left. That was that this was there very first on-site build. If he had not told me that I would have thought those 2 guys had been doing this for a very long time.
Mark Barnard – Champaign IL

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