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Living in tiny houses? What a novel idea. Think about the money you’ll save living in a smaller space. No wonder living in tiny houses is trending! Downsizing is very popular, and tiny houses are perfect for anyone who needs to downsize.  Whether its financial concerns, health reasons, or location changes, the reasons to scale back are endless. Contact Classic Buildings today to find out how easy it is to own your own tiny house.


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Living in Tiny Houses is Trending

The tiny house trend is growing worldwide. “Scaling back, saving on utilities, first time home-owners, college students and senior citizens. Whoever you are, where ever you live, a consumer trend is scaling back and saving.” Simple and smart. Consumers have decided to scale back in order to live large. Have you watched HGTV’s series, “Tiny House Hunters”? If so, you may have seen the series, “Tiny Houses”, or “Tiny House Nation”.  Homeowners are considering all the options.

Take a quick tour of this incredibly trendy tiny house, built by a couple in Quebec, Canada as their second home, to discover what great features you can enjoy in a tiny house.


Inspiring example of tiny house living


What Are the Advantages of Buying a Tiny House?

Buying tiny houses is popular for a host of reasons.

  • It forces you to relax and simplify your life because you have less space for things you don’t need
  • It can allow you to own a second, vacation home on a premium lake lot
  • It is a way for you to save money on utilities
  • It is better for the environment as they have a smaller footprint and require fewer resources to build

Here are a few other benefits of tiny houses:

tiny houses


With about 1/3 of adults within the US now living with relatives or in a room-share, it appears that people cannot afford to buy a home or are being put off from buying for other reasons. Your tiny house doesn’t have to be on wheels, or a small 250 square foot home. You can order a 14 x 20 structure or room, if it’s lofted for a bedroom or bedrooms above, your square footage can be as much as 540 usable square feet and bigger than a New York apartment costing thousands per month. Classic Buildings also offers larger structures that would still constitute a smaller home. A 14 x 40, if lofted, makes for a nice-sized small home that anyone can afford to buy.


second home for your vacation

Tiny houses make vacation property affordable.


Who Could Benefit From Tiny House Living?

College Students: Are you a college student, wanting space of your own? A tiny house could be a great solution for you. You can save money by avoiding high dorm fees, but still be able to have the independence of a space that is all your own. It also makes sense financially to invest what you would have paid in dorm fees into a property that you can actually own.

Elderly Parents: Are you a concerned child of a parent who needs more care, but wants their independence? A tiny house will allow your parents to still live on their own space, but you can locate it on your property so that you are close by in case they need you.


tiny houses

Tiny houses are excellent for college students and seniors


Business Owners: Business owners are looking for innovative storage solutions for files and equipment, convenience stores and commercial businesses are also looking for smaller spaces and new ways to expand, making portable buildings and tiny houses a realistic and very smart, yet simple choice. 

First Time Home Buyers: If you really want to own your own home but you don’t have enough money for a full-sized house, the tiny house option may be perfect for you. Tiny houses cost a lot less than a regular home and the utility and maintenance fees are also much lower.

Whether it be the fact that potential buyers are struggling with student debt or that many are single and cannot afford the cost alone, house buying among adults is a much different proposition than it was even 20 years ago.



Tiny houses are great for first time home buyers.


People Not Financially Able to Purchase the Perfect Home: People tend to consume themselves with finding the ‘perfect home’, the home that they see advertised on the television, with 4 bedrooms, a huge garden, and garage for two vehicles. Inevitably, this is out of their price range and that is when the option of living with relatives or in a room-share begins to take hold.

However, there is a new, alternative way for people to own their own homes. One that is both easier on the pocket and also easier on the eye, known as ‘Tiny Houses’. Many would-be homeowners are using this option, growing their home, adding on a little at a time. A tiny home on a piece of property with a detached guest house and a detached storage shed is an awesome way to have all the space you need without the upfront cost of home ownership! In addition, if you need more space to store additional items it is very affordable to purchase utility sheds to go hand in hand with your tiny house. 


Tiny house design

2016 new building design, Classic Buildings’ “Tiny House”


Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Tiny House

Classic Buildings‘ new tiny house design allows us to service clients who need a specific amount of space and not just the typical square shed.  We appreciate your interest in our portable buildings, so we have compiled all the information you need to know about buying a tiny house! 


tiny house living

Why pay 80K for a larger home?


The Cost of Buying a Tiny House

The cost of buying a tiny house is determined by your own budget.  With Classic Buildings, you can have a tiny house for a moderate price and guaranteed financing with affordable payments. 

Choose an Affordable Tiny House

Why pay 80K for a tiny house?  The home shows that boast this price range aren’t giving you all the information.  Classic Buildings specializes in portable buildings with a priority on building the best storage sheds available. Years ago, storage sheds and other quality outbuildings, i.e. small cabins, etc. became popular as living spaces. Living in a tiny house might seem like a trend, but in fact people have been living in small portable houses for a while now.


tiny home

Anyone can afford tiny houses.


Buy A Tiny House You Can Afford

If you order a portable building from Classic Buildings in Missouri, you can essentially have a tiny house on some of the best terms available. Classic Buildings offers the following

  • Super-low down payment (anyone can afford to own a portable building)
  • Low or no delivery fee
  • No-credit checks required
  • Rent to own in as little as 3 years

Anyone, even college students or senior citizens on fixed incomes, can own a tiny house. No other home builder offers the same quality and affordability as Classic Buildings. We’re not just tooting our own horn either. Buying a tiny house on a rent to own option is a great way to become a homeowner. Becoming a homeowner is the American dream.


easy to move

Find out how inexpensive tiny houses can be.


Tiny House Builders – Let Us Quote Your Project Now

With the cost of almost $80,000.00 for a 250 square foot tiny house, there are far better options and ways to save nearly, if not more than half the price on more usable space. In fact, in my small town in Missouri you can purchase a large 1500 square foot home for less than 40K, why spend 80K on a fraction of the space, other than to save money on utilities? It just doesn’t make sense.

For those of you who live in larger, more expensive areas you might be paying as much as two thousand per month for rented space. In Missouri, the average cost of rent is 650.00 per month, so choose your locations wisely.

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tiny house by Classic Buildings

Amish-built means top quality craftsmanship.


Purchase a High Quality, Amish-Built Tiny House

Our reputation for building the best portable buildings and structures is well known. The quality and craftsmanship are truly second to none. Every homeowner needs outdoor storage. Our family is Amish and we appreciate true Amish quality and craftsmanship. Others can say they craft their buildings using Amish standards and represent their products as such, yet they are not from a true Amish builder.


custom built tiny houses

Classic Buildings sells the highest quality buildings


Why Our Team Builds the Best Tiny Houses

Do others know Amish craftsmanship? Of course they do. Are we the only ones that offer the ‘highest quality’ buildings? In all sincerity, others can capture an essence of what they do, but they will never duplicate our team. Our team is our heart. Our team of quality workers, employees, and associates are top of the line and super-dedicated to a company that truly sells the highest quality buildings available. They can copy our buildings but not our family and our team family.


Team photo

Our team is committed to quality


We Make the Cadillac of Buildings

You do have options. We’re well aware you can look elsewhere. Smart people do research. A large percentage of customers that purchase buildings from Classic Buildings, already know that our buildings are the Cadillac of all buildings and are willing to pay our fair prices and save! They’ve done their research.



Whatever question you have, please be sure to contact us!

Tiny house manufacturers?  We’re here to help.

Types of tiny houses?  Contact us for more information.

Tiny house designs?  The options are endless.


Tiny Houses For Sale In Missouri

You can custom design tiny houses


We Can Custom Design Your Portable Building For You

Classic Buildings is a manufacturer of portable buildings and storage sheds that can be fitted out with drywall, electricity, insulated flooring and walls, french doors, flower boxes, custom designed and painted to your specifications. You can live anywhere for a fraction of the cost of renting. All you need is a place to sit your tiny home or structure and you’re a home and property owner. Small lake lots, city lots, or countryside acreages can be very affordable. Solar electric is also available for our structures. Eventually, in a few short years, your home is paid for and your electricity is free. It’s a great way to retire knowing you have little or no living expenses.


Customize yoru tiny home

Choose your own colors and design


Select the Features You Want

The benefits of purchasing tiny houses as an alternative to standard housing are, firstly, you can select your own colors and design, meaning you have control over how the exterior of the building looks. No more viewing properties and thinking how nice it would be if the outside of the building was a different color or style. Choose from different colors and styles for the walls, the roof, and the door. Do it right the first time. Doing it your way, with the ability to customize many of the features of your new building, is just one of the many benefits.


Double Shelves

Decorating tiny houses is quick and easy


Decorate the Interior the Way You Want

You can decorate the inside of your tiny house exactly as you want. No need to tear down old wallpaper or have to paint numerous rooms, everything is brand new and this will save not only time but also money. Also, if you do decide that the interior needs a change, the efficient space means that the job will be quick and easy.


Classic Building tiny house

Choose from a wide variety of styles


Choose the Portable Building You Want

By simply browsing the www.classicbuildingsales.com website, it immediately becomes clear just what is possible with a portable building. Boasting quality Amish craftsmanship, these buildings have all the features you would expect of a home and that is why so many people are choosing to use them, either as a home or as a secondary place to stay. Not only can these buildings make fantastic individual homes in their own right, but they are also perfect to add at the edge of a garden or for weekends away with the family.


Country Cottage

You can design your own kitchen and bathroom


Options for a Kitchen and Bathroom

Classic Buildings can provide everything you need for your tiny house and we can make referrals to help you find a local contractor who can do the plumbing and cabinetry to finish off these areas. Depending on your preferences, you can spend as little as $1,000.00 (or less) DIYing with thrifted fixtures, or closer to $10,000.00 for a custom kitchen and bath – still a significant saving compared to conventional housing! You can budget a kitchen and bath for less than $1,000.00 (if you get bargain thrift store finds on cabinets, doors, and fixtures anything is possible). You can save serious money buying a lofted barn or cabin and having all the interiors done except the bath and kitchen. You can hire a local contractor and, for less than $10,000.00, have your own custom designed kitchen and bath installed into your tiny space. Why buy from the most expensive tiny house builders who up the price in a big way by finishing it out completely with expensive interiors? The following articles discuss the logistics of installing a kitchen and bathroom in a tiny house:

Tiny House Kitchens

Tiny House Bathrooms

Portable buildings are a great way to set up a new home and one glance at the selection of buildings at Classic Buildings only goes to highlight further how these buildings would make the perfect home.



tiny houses

You don’t have to go tiny, you can go mid-size!

Tiny or Mid-Size Houses Made From Portable Buildings


Eco Logo

Tiny Houses are Good for the Environment

In addition to the fact that tiny houses can save property buyers money, they are also significantly better for the environment than running a 3 or 4 bedroom property. Using less energy, such as gas and electricity, a tiny home can help reduce the negative impact we are having on the world and this is a key reason many people are choosing to live in them.

Tiny Houses as a Second Home

Tiny houses can also make the perfect holiday home. Imagine being able to go on holiday and actually taking your tiny house with you! Well, this is fast becoming a reality. Instead of having to spend hours on the internet, trying to find a hotel that is within budget or close to where you want to be, you can use a trailer and this makes the whole process easier and more relaxing. At the end of each day, you can return to your house and this will save a great deal of money.



Two Story cabin -the perfect tiny home

Two story cabin – the perfect tiny home


Of course, having a small space to live in, means that there is not as much room to store or horde items and this is a positive step for many people. Being able to remove items that are simply not required to be able to live a good life means that tiny houses can assist people in getting back to what is most important to them. Coupled with this is the fact that the difference in time it takes to clean a tiny home in comparison to a larger house is huge. There cannot be many people in the world today who look forward to a day of cleaning around the home, but with a tiny home, cleaning and tidying take no time at all. This frees up time for the more important, fun things that you want to do with your life.

Portable buildings are no longer being used simply for storage or business purposes. With the style and quality of Classic Buildings, these buildings are fast becoming the best way for people to live. Tiny houses are the future of ideal living.

Additional Information

Tiny houses are trending!

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Classic Buildings: High-Quality Tiny Homes

Missouri Home Shows

If you are looking to purchase a high-quality tiny home that is guaranteed to last, contact Classic Buildings or visit the location nearest to you. Our sheds are built using the same process as for building a larger home. Choose from either a metal or shingle roof; they’re the same price!

Remember, before buying a shed you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality that relate to additional building on your property. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your building.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide! We will deliver your shed right to you and we offer free delivery up to 30 miles from any one of our showrooms.

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings’ storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand! 


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“Your company produces such a quality storage building! You can tell that quality went into it because the quality just shines through it. Even the delivery was a class act. All of you do a great job.” – Rick Franklin
 Read more testimonials here!

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